• Why Bionic

    Bionic comes from latin "bios ( life ) + ico (referred to)" Bionic means referred to life. The Bionic Festival is an ode to life, and calls for great dancers and musicians to share stage with great Trees. Great Artists & Trees together. A fun way to unite Science & Art, and talk about the human relation with itself and the environment. Celebrating an artistic dialogue between different organisms. People & Plants Performing Arts. The Bionic Festival organizes talks with environmental & human rights organizations to understand that people & plants are united in the challenge of improving the world´s ecological resilience. Music and Dance sessions with mobile trees, purifying and anti-stress workshops, and an open call for artists, dancers and performers, to take part in a Bionic Dance competition, are the core activities of the Bionic Festival. In the first edition of the Bionic Festival, the largest tree used for the performances, an Apple Tree over 5m tall, was planted in "La Huerta de Tetuán", managed by Madrid's Urban Gardening Network. The Bionic Festival aspires to be a tool for areas close to where the festival takes place to help in replantation programes. We hope to work with local institutions and associations to help replant trees in a festive manner.

    In the second edition of the Bionic Festival we donated and planted 5 adult trees in the urban gardens of "La Tabacalera" and "This is a Plaza". In the third edition of the Festival we have donated 14 adult trees to the garden of "La Tabacalera" in the center of Madrid. Check our Bionic Map to visit our trees.