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    Artistic Committee

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    Lucila Toledo

    Lucila Toledo is a Cultural Manager with more than 10 years of experience. She organized the Feria Salida de Emergencia and has been director of Madphoto Gallery. Currently she is director of the Bionic Festival, a cross-discipline project that studies the relationship between people & trees, digging deep in the studies that have demonstrated the positive effect of trees in human health.


    Honevo is an artist that researches the relationship between dance, painting, photography and the botanical world, having created the bionic and bio-magnetic paintings. He has had exhibitions in China, Denmark, USA, Canada, Czech Republic and Spain. Recently he has participated in the VII Barcelona Videoart festival. Honevo finalized his BA in Fine Arts in 2015 at UCM, and after worked as Coordinator of the International Workshops at IED Madrid. Currently he is a fashion consultant at ACME for 61 design companies.


    Aleksander M. Vinogradov

    Aleksander is a Russian film director, granted by LUCA School of Arts in Brussels. Alex has won numerous prizes at internacional festivals and has worked for the Agey Tomesh in Moscow. He has also made commercial works for european institutions, signers like Robbie Williams and currently has his own film production company Videovam based in Brussels, where he has presented works of Butoh Dance and of the belgian Choreographer Thierry Smits.

    Elena Matamoros

    Luis Posadas

    Damian Gonzalez

    Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1966. He studies Photography in the Foto Club Buenos Aires. He has collaborated for the Perfil Editorial for the Revista Luna, since 1997 until 2001. He has been correspondent in Buenos Aires for Diario La Capital de Rosario. His work has been published in Clarín, Pagina 12 and La Nación, La Semana (Colombia) and Magazyn (Poland). In Spain he has created corporate works for Marlboro, LM and Chesterfield. He has participated in numerous exhibitions and in the Photography Festival of Arles, and obtained the grant for Photo Report of Albarracín. He combines his photographic work with education, between 2004 to 2008 he gives photography classes in Cobertura Photo, in Seville. In January 2008 he incorporates as an artist in the Gallery GP13 in Seville and presents his first solo exhibition called: Punto G. In 2009, he founded MADPHOTO School with Elisa González Miralles and Manolo Yllera. At present he is the director of MADPHOTO.


    Nicky Ure

    Nicky is a lawyer that has worked in Madrid, London, Hong-Kong and Abu-Dhabi, for 8 years she has been Director of the Cultural Programes Department for the Abu-Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority, the organization responsible for the Louvre Abu-Dhabi. Currently she is immerse in the fitness project Bethe Practice.

    Helena Sanchez

    Photo-Journalist based in Madrid. BA in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication in the URJC, she completes her studies in Florence, where she decides to orientate her career to photography. Helena has worked in various producing Companies such as Boomerang or Mediapro creating content for TVE. She has travelled for years, working in Bosnia Herzegovina, collaborating with the Fundación Pedro Meyer of México DF, taking photography courses in Casa Coyoacan, and creating Photo Reports in Guatemala and the Saharauis Refugee camps in Tinduf as freelance photographer, among others. Since 2015, she works for CONDÉ NAST where she is responsable for the photography plato, and collaborates with the editorial, publishing in the magazines of the group: Vogue, Glamour, GQ, Vanity Fair y Traveler.


    Eva San Juan

    Photographer specialized in fashion, she collaborates with brands and magazines such as: Delpozo, Metal Magazine, Vein Magazine, Grazia, Sephora, L´Oreal, Mirto, Ifema, García Madrid etc… After achieving a BA in Fine Arts, she courses the Contemporary Photography Master in EFTI, and the Communication and Fashion Master at IED Madrid. She has worked launching B-side Magazine, a music and trends publication, as chief-fashion editor; she coordinates the online communication strategies of G-Star Raw and is teacher of Digital Technologies at IED, she also is branding consultant at Top Seeds Lab and Piovra Marketing Agency. Currently she combines her work as teacher in the Fashion Photography Master at EFTI and the Miami Ad School.

    Luis Fernando Cervantes

    Mexican designer, developer and data analyst. He has worked with corporate brands, cultural events and animal advocacy.

    Luis Del Olmo Flórez

    Presidente de la Comisión de Medio Ambiente, Administración Local y Ordenación del Territorio y miembro de la comisión de Juventud. Miembro de la comisión de Investigación Corrupción Política Comunidad de Madrid. Diputado de la Asamblea de Madrid en la IV , V , VI , VII , VIII , IX y X Legislatura

    Martín Carril Obiols

    Licenciado en Psicología por la UAM, ha desarrollado el programa de Arteterapia para personas afectadas por Alzheimer y Huntington en el Hospital Ramón y Cajal, ha dirigido el programa de crítica sociopolítica “Proyecto ADN”, coincidiendo con las movilizaciones del 15M y formo parte del colectivo de vecinos que crearon y autogestion el espacio “La Huerta de Tetuán”. Actualmente trabaja en diferentes áreas del Ayuntamiento de Madrid con la motivación de reconstruir una ciudad más amable y al servicio de las necesidades de sus habitantes.

    Diana Pérez-Bustamante

    Doctora en Humanidades, profesora de la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, especialista en gestión y desarrollo de Industrias Culturales). Profesora invitada en diversas universidades y centros tan prestigiosos como SouthBank University, el Centro Erhemberg, University of Arts, London College of Fashion o el centro Robert Shuman en Florencia.