• Dancers

    Álvaro Frutos | Star Performer

    Alvaro collates his work as interpreter and director at Los Negros Dance Company. Since 2010 he works as teacher for different dance and educational institutions. After finalizing his superior training in the Andalusian Centre for Dance ( CAD), he started to work for Cie.Coline ( France), he has also worked with choreographers like Lisi Estaras, Nicolas Vladyslav and Buingoc Quan, Emmanuel Gat, Siomi Tuizer and Edmond Russo, Salla Sanou and Sedou Boro. He receives the prize for best masculine interpreter at PAD International 2013 and he is finalist in the 16MASDANZA and winner of the public prize and masculine performer at PAD2015 for his work in "The Russian Experiment". We works for Daniel Abreu Company in the "Animal"production and with Abraham Hurtado in the project "Ignición". Currently he works in Projects Movement by Sharon Fridman.

    Aka Thiemele

    Dancer, Choreographer and Dance Teacher ( Ivory Cost 1975). Aka is an internationally recognized dancer and choreographer specialized in african dances and body percussion. He has trained in several dance genres since childhood and has worked with the best dance companies of the african continent including the Ivory Cost Ballet. Since 2002 he has created and directed Tam Tam Karibu and Tam Tam Berlin. For many he has worked as a dancer and creative director for Mayumana. He has participated in performances like ´´BE``(Union Square, NY) “Cutty Sark Shangai-London since 1870” with Franco Dragone, “Momentum”(Union Victory, Broadway-NY), “Sama, Sama” (Mayumana & Cirque du Soleil) and “Beefeater XO” with Dabiz Muñoz.

    Cristian Serrano | Finalist & Star Performer

    Cristian Serrano is a Break-Dance performer and is part of the BBoys Madrid. He has participated in numerous festivals and competitions of Break-Dance, in Madrid Activa 2015 and in championships in Sweden, Belgium and France.

    David Vento | Bailarín Ganador del I Bionic Festival

    David is a dancer born in Salamanca, acrobat and expert in bboying, wheel and Cyr. He has represented Spain in the international championships in Korea, USA, UK, France… Also he has developed a career as a contemporary dancer, expert in Acro Dance. David works at the Teatro Real in Madrid and has participated in the operas of Richard Wagner( Das Liebesverbot), in the opera Moises & Aron, Rodelinda, Billy Budd, Otello, etc. He is also performing in the production "NAGARE"of the Circle of Trust company and was the only spanish dancer selected by Bob Wilson for the annual residency in the Watermill Centre in New York 2016.

    Fatu Drame Drame | Star Performer

    Fatu is a great dancer from Barcelona, specialized in Twerk Dance. She initiated in dance through hip-hop, booty dance and dancehall. She is member of Attitude Dancehall Crew and Attitude Blood. She has performed with different artists such as Sean Paul, Elephant man, Benny page, Mr.Vegas and Major laser. She was third in the Iberian Dancehall queen contest in 2013 and won the Twerk Contest Barcelona in 2016, being second in the Dacehall battles of Terreta Urbana. Currently she is part of "Official twerk Company"one of the most prestigious twerk groups with more prizes accumulates in the discipline.

    Jouseph Coulibaly Sarademe | Finalist

    Born in Ivory Coast in 1985, he receives specialized training in music and dance in the Village Ki-YI in Abidjan. He has participated in festivals such as "Complet Mandigue", was part of the "Possoum -Bo"company until 2005, when he started an international tour with "Mother Africa". In Spain he has participated in the Villa Summers 2010, Sala Galileo, Africa Vive, Festival Mestizaje in Leon and Smart Stage.

    Judith Rosillo | Finalist

    Judith Rosillo is expert dancer and teacher of Bollywood Dance and collaborates with Raquel Novellón Company.

    Lyncoln Diniz | Star Performer

    Lyncoln is a brasilian choreographer and dancer, with a Master in Scenographic practice and Visual culture. He has collaborated with the Olivier Company and has performed in minima espacio escénica no convencional and the San Sebastian Tabakalera with his piece "Cinema trascendente".

    Raquel Novellón | Finalist

    Raquel Novellón has her own Dance Company, specialized in flamenco and contemporary dance, organizing spectacles around Spain and collaborating with numerous artists. She is teacher at CEDANCE School of spanish dance and flamenco.

    Richard Quintana | Finalist

    Richard’s debut as dancer took place in Bogota, with the "The Nutcracker". Working for colombian television and also performing in Brasil, he also participates in the “Excelsior” Ballet in the Scala in Milan, he also has worked in many operas in Teatro Real in Madrid, being first dancer in the ballets of Luis Ruffo and Zambra ballet of Maria Larios. Richard has performed in the indian musical of Sunny Sing "Dancing Bollywood"and Egyptian folklore ballet Al-andalus. He has worked for many dance academies and is principal dancer in the EBDGroup.

    Sara Pérez Gómez | Finalist & Star Performer

    Trained and educated in the Dance School Marta de la Vega, she is a dancer of the Casa Patas Foundation, having performed in China, Korea, Brasil, Germany, Russia and Japan among many more. She works in different tablaos like Cardamomo, Villa Rosa, Café de Chinitas, Corral de la Morería, las Tablas, and she has worked with Maria Pages company. With more of 10 years in the Flamenco world, she also collaborates with many academies as spanish dance and flamenco teacher.

    Sufian Ben | Finalist & Star Performer

    Sufian is an anthropology student in the Complutense University in Madrid, he is part of the BBoys Madrid, collaborating as dancer for the Rafael Amargo company. He has participated in many TV shows, like La Voz, el Hormiguero, Ana Rosa Quintana, and collaborated in publicity adds for many brands. He has participated in the Bayona Street Battle Festival and in championships in Sweden, Belgium and France.

    Soraya Sainz Cerezo | Finalist

    Soraya Sainz Cerezo is a dancer and body paint artist. She has performed in the Compac Theatre in Madrid and has worked in the Medina company. Educated in oriental dance and body expression in different styles like contemporary dance and flamenco. Her style is fusion dance and has influences of oriental techniques and ritual dance.

    Tamara Pina Ajo | Finalist & Star Performer

    Tamara was educated in the dance school Maria de la Vega. Dancer of he Casa Patas Foundation, having performed in Zimbabwe, China, Korea, Brasil, Germany, Russia and Japan among many more. She works in different tablaos like Cardamomo, Villa Rosa, Café de Chinitas, Corral de la Morería, las Tablas, and she has worked with Maria Pages company. With more of 10 years in the Flamenco world, she also collaborates with many academies as spanish dance and flamenco teacher.

    Carlos Sancho Nadal | Star Performer

    Educated in spanish dance and flamenco, Carlos is a dancer of the Casa Patas Foundation, he has participated in the Alboreá Festival and collaborates with Madrid tablaos like Corral de la Morería y el Café de Chinitas.

    Amanda Gonzales | Star Performer

    Amanda was the first dancer to experience the bionic dance o dance with mobile trees, in the school Madphoto in decembre 2014. She was also the first dancer to perform Bionic Dance in public in june 2015. Educated in classic dance, she has expanded her education to contemporary dance and butoh

    Macarena H. Giron | Bionic Movement Coach

    Macarena is a dancer, pilates instructor and coach. Studied classical dance and has a bachelors degree in journalism. She's part of Computum contemporary dance company and teaches pilates in numerous gyms in Madrid. She coaches non-profits and enterprises alike.

    Jongen De Wit | Star Performer

    Jongen de Witt is a conceptual pos-trash dutch-spanish artist.

    Joahn Volmar | Star Performer

    Joahn Volmar, a dual citizen from Spain and French Guiana, discovers his interest for the movement of the body when he is 19 years old. Since 2009, he has worked as a dancer and performer in various projects and companies such as Protein Dance (UK), Cie Color Dansa (ES), La Fura dels baus (ES), la Cia Latamaida  (ES), la Cia Ximena Carnevale (ARG/ES), Cia Manuela Nogales danza (ES), Cia dlcAos / Manuela Barrero (ES). He has also collaborated with the Simon Fraser University of Vancouver (Canadá) in Barca, and in the Integration Dance project of the dance company El Mur (ES) and in the Steptext dance project (DE). Since 2013 he has been developing his own dance and scenic arts research project:  The Third One Project.

    Jonathan Martineau | Star Performer

    Jonathan is originally from Canada and lives in Spain since 2005. He is a criminology graduate and holds a doctorate in philosophy. Jonathan always wanted to dance and explore the thought behind the movement. ´´I make an effort to keep being born, and to develop the concepts and practices that will allow the experience of a space to be born```. He is a teacher of body practices inspired in butoh and other liberating contemporary philosophies. He has danced with the Company Omos Uno (ES) and together with Diana Bonilla Lafuente he created the Company Coracor, as a platform for different works.


    Konan Koffi | Star Performer

    He is a multifaceted and spiritual dancer and is immersed in a constant research about movement, his nuances style is full of tribal and contemporary influences. He is originally from Ivory Cost, and belongs to Akan Ethinic group. He has received training in traditional african dance and has worked with dance companies such as Djolem and Mother Africa Circus performing on several european tours. He furthered his dance education performing with the Talehi Company. In Spain, he collaborates with Mandjani Cultural Association and he has performed in the Veranos de la Villa 2010, Sala Galileo, Afric Vive, Festival Fiestizaje in León, Smart Stage and the show Cuatro TV Fama a Bailar.

    Cecilia Gala | Star Performer

    Cecilia is a spanish dancer and performance artist. After pursuing a career focused on contemporary dance and jazz a personal experience changed the way she thought about dance and movement. She was drawn to the japanese dance of Butoh, and she explored the intricacies of this discipline in La Maison du Butoh Blanc in France and later in Japan, where she studied under masters Tenko Ima and Yoshito Ohno. Cecilia studied Musical Theatre with Víctor Ullate Roche in his Madrid studio, and is a graduate from the Rey Juan Carlos University, where she studied Visual Arts. She cites Isadora Duncan, Masaki Iwana and Moeno Wakamatsu as some of the dancers who have inspired her.

    Sonia Robles Viñas | Star Performer

    Sonia is a dancer specialized in spanish dance and flamenco. Born in Madrid, she started to dance when she was 4 years old. Later she studied in Centro de Artes escénicas SCAENA, an institution directed by Carmen Roche, where she graduated in Spanish Dance. She furthered her education in Amor de Dios and the Professional Association of Dance in Madrid. She has performed as a dancer in different Zarzuelas and Operas such as “La Traviata” and “Rigolleto” in multiple tours across Spain and Portugal.

    Jean Paul Agudeli | Star Performer

    A member of Madrocko_team & BBoys Madrid, Jean Paul Agudeli is a professional dancer of street dance and break dance.

    Osamy Flinix | Star Performer

    Originally from Morocco, Osamy is a dancer and choreographer based in Madrid. He is member of Madrocko_Team and BBoys Madrid.

    Angel Seijo | Star Performer

    Angel is a young dancer from Madrid, he is a member of the BBoys Madrid and Madrocko_team.

    Becha Sita Kumbu | Star Performer

    Professional dancer since 2000, Becha is originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo. She is an expert in a variety of disciplines such as Soukous dances and Bigotit, she also has experience in contemporary dance. She participated as a dancer in the "Cabalgata de Reyes" in Madrid, in 2015.

    Genevieve Assengue Nbongo | Star Performer

    Dancer and Choreographer, originally from Cameroon. In 2015 he participated as a dancer in the "Cabalgata de Reyes" in Madrid.