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    Alfredo Aracil

    Music composer, PhD in Art History and cultural manager. He has been director of Musical Productions o RNE, director of the Music and Dance Festival of Granada and president of the Spanish section of the International Society for the Contemporary Music ( SIMC). Alfredo has won the National Music Prize in 2015. His music compositions express the richness of history and represents a poetical exploration. He has organized and coordinated music concerts for the Autumn Festival of the Region of Madrid, the European Radiodifusion, the Instituto Cervantes in Paris, the Albeniz Foundation, The Prado Museum, The Manuel de Falla Archive, the Loewe Foundation, and the National Orchestra and Chorus. For 8 years he has been president of the Musical Youth Contest (JME). He has collaborated with many other international awards and contests, like the UNESCO composers, Prix Italia, Valentino Bucchi Award, the Composers Reina Sofía Prize and the international guitar contest of Habana, amongst others. Website.

    Carmen Martinez Ten

    Carmen is BA in medicine, and she is a doctor and spanish politician. From 1988 to 1991 she was director of the Instituto de la Mujer. After, she was the president of the Federation of progressive women. From 2006 to 2012 she was the president of the Nuclear Security Authority of Spain. She takes role in different consulting positions in many prestigious institutions, such as the Politechnic University in Madrid, the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Minas, the Comisión Nacional de la Energía, the Regulators Group for Nuclear Security in the European Union, and is the representative of Spain in many international nuclear security groups, such as the Iberoamerican Forum of Radiological and Nuclear Regulatory Organism. From 2015 Carmen is depute at Madrid's regional parliament for the Socialist Party, she is the spokeswoman for the Cultural, Sport and Tourism Commission and also secretary of the women's Commission. She has been member of the Global Progress Foundation and Leviatán Magazine.

    Elna Matamoros

    PhD in Art Theory and aesthetics in the Philosphy faculty of UAM, with an international mention (Zürcher Hochschüle der Künste, Switzerland), she also has a Master of Arts and Dance Education (Department of Music and Performing Arts) of New York University as a Fulbright Scholar. Elna is a teacher at the Spanish National Dance Company and advisor to the Loewe Foundation. She collaborates in El Cultural and is an independent writer of Arts and Dance. Elna started her dancing career with her mother Carmina Ocaña, following the danish ballet school of August Bournonville and then of Wilhelm Burmann and David Howard in New York. Elna was a teacher for ten years at the National Ballet of Spain, she has also been teacher at the Víctor Ullate Ballet, the Royal Conservatory of Dance and the Ballet School Carmina Ocaña. She is the author of ́ ́Augusto Bournonville, Historia y Estilo``, with foreword of great dancer Tamara Rojo (Madrid, Akal, 2008), and editor of the book ́ ́Antonio Gades, de Carmen/Gades 25 Años`` (Madrid, Fundación Autor, 2008). Her Blog Once Upon a Chácena give us a glimpse of the interior world of scenic arts from the artists perspective. Elna has written articles for many cultural and dance publications such as Por la Danza, Arte x Arte, Mundo Clásico...and with José Carlos Martínez ( Director of the Spanish National Company), she is preparing and curating 5 books for the educational catalogue of the National Dance Company. Elna is a frequent lecturer, and has participated in many talks and classes with very prestigious institutions such as the Supeior Dance Conservatory “María de Ávila” in Madrid. In the last years she has worked in many productions of the CND, and is constantly pushing ahead to promote and support the visibility of spanish dance in the world.

    Elvira Heras

    Elvira Heras is an actress, producer and director of cultural events. She is the founder and director of the International Environmental Festival of Lanzarote “Langaia”, since 10 years. She has also been director of educational theatre, with many tours across Spain. She is the president of the cultural association Lanzambiental and is a collaborator of different associations like Vida Sana, Fondo para la Defensa de la Salud Ambiental "Fodesam", Nuevo Teatro Fronterizo, Visión Media, Famara Limpia...Elvira is member of the Biosphere Reserve of Lanzarote, of the Cultural Defense Platform of the "Vistillas" friends association. She has coordinated many projects, and currently she is working in "Planeta Vulnerable" in the cultural centre La Casa Encencida and the Sala Mirador.

    Fernando Pozuelo

    Fernando Pozuelo is one of the most important landscaper designers in Spain, he is a well recognized professional, and his works represent a sensitive singularity and an aesthetic power. With more than 25 years of experience in garden design, more than one decade ago, he created his ow brand, Fernando Pozuelo Landscaping Collection, and since then he has obtained many prestigios prizes like the Best Houzz 2017 Award and the Golden Medal of the European Association of competitiveness also in 2017. Fernando has become an international reference, and his works have been edited in many books, like Garden on Top, Garden within walls, Lighting Gardens and he has even edited his own garden & illustration books. Fernando Pozuelo wants to recuperate the value of classical gardens, enriched with the challenges of the 21st century, like sustainability and an urban planning that allows people to re-connect with Nature. All the spaces he creates, have a meaning, and become interactive places. Pozuelo believes that landscaper design is an art, and therefore it should relate with other artistic disciplines. Website.

    Jaime González De Aledo Codina

    Jaime is BA in philosphy and PhD in Fine Arts. He is a spanish painter, associated to the movement "New Madrilian Figuration" in the decade of 1980. After his works turn into a more symbolical path. He has been teacher of drawing and final projects in the Fine Ars Faculty of UCM. His paintings can be find in very important collections such as Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno, the Graphische Sammlung Albertina of Viena, the National Library of Spain, and the La Caixa Foundation, amongst others.