• 2016 Edition


    2016 WINNER



    Sonia Cabello

    Sculptress & Researcher, teacher at the Fine Arts Faculty in UCM, collaborator of the investigation group Science, Art & Nature, she has developed her work in the Vatican Archives and the Spanish Academy in Rome, and is a collaborator of the Evolution Museum and numerous cultural & scientific european institutions.

    Luis Del Olmo Flórez

    President of the Environmental Commission, Local administration,Territorial ordination and youth of the Territorial Government of the Region of Madrid. Member of the political corruption Research Commission of the Region of Madrid, and deputy of the Madrid Assembly for the IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX y X legislatures.

    Martín Carril Obiols

    Graduated in psychology in the UAM, he has developed the programme of Art-Therapy for people with Alzheimer and Huntington in the Ramón y Cajal Hospital, he has directed the programe of socio-politic review “Proyecto ADN”, and has been part of the neighbors that created and organize the green public space “La Huerta de Tetuán”. Currently he works in different areas of the City Council of Madrid, in order to build a better city, more open & sustainable for the citizens of Madrid.

    Diana Pérez-Bustamante

    Diana is Phd in Humanities, and teacher in the University Rey Juan Carlos. She is a specialist in management and development of cultural industries. She has been invited as a teacher to many universities and prestigious centres such as the SouthBank University, the Erhemberg Centre, The University of Arts, London College of Fashion and the Robert Shuman Centre in Florencia.